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Rebecca Barnes 

Kaleidoscope Heart
Cest si Bon
Digital Kaleidoscope
Digital Mirage
Rings O'Romance

Rebecca Barnes is a fine artist working in the medium of computer design. As a member of Gallery 25 in Fresno, CA her artwork has been exhibited internationally in Russia, Abu Dhabi, Greece and Armenia. The artwork created for the Abu Dhabi exhibit was also featured as an illustration for Dumont Printing Calendar which received a Local and Regional ADDY Award. Nationally, her artwork was exhibited at Gallery Ten in Dupont Circle in Washington DC and The Shift Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Locally, her artwork has been exhibited at the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno City Hall, Phebe Conley Art Gallery, Fresno State Graduate Art Studio at M Street Arts Complex and at Gallery 25. Ms. Barnes has also received numerous ADDY Awards for her promotional Graphic Design work for Gallery 25. 

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