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Ann Leedy 

When I set out to paint or draw, I tone the paper and peer into the fog of what I'm about to begin. I may have a composition in mind, or maybe just a general idea of where I want to go--but everything I do involves a lot of time just looking--at the piece of work, at the world around me, and also inside of myself. Eventually I arrive at a destination--often times one I never planned to encounter.

My work is all about being connected in a sensual way to the natural world. I think of my art as a way to practice a heightened awareness of the sky, the earth, water, the movement of wind and the gesture of light and shadow. My art work is a way for me to engage in real conversation with the spirit of living.

Rebecca M. Barnes
Cynthia Carter Cameron
Lylia Forero Carr

Karen LeCocq
Michele Sani
Joan K Sharma

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