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Join G25

Gallery 25 is an artist's cooperative. Gallery artists work together to manage all aspects (aesthetic, practical, financial) of this working professional gallery.


Membership requires a screening process. The screening procedure involves a presentation of your artwork to members of the gallery at a monthly meeting. A gallery member presents your artwork and related materials to the membership for discussion and vote. An 80% vote by gallery artists is required to become an artist member of Gallery 25. The screening artist will be notified immediately following adjournment of the gallery meeting.

Interested Artists Must Submit for Review:

1. Portfolio of Art Work: Minimum of 10, max of 20 (photos or originals). Digital images are an acceptable means of presentation, but the artist screening is responsible for laptop computer and/or data projector. Members would like to see 3 representative originals if artist presents digitally or with photos.

2. A Written Statement of your Philosophy of Art or Artist's Statement. Any ancillary materials that showcase your artwork and past exhibitions (reviews, articles, brochures, catalogs) are encouraged.

3. Art Resume

Screenings are held monthly.

Membership Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monthly Dues
  • Gallery members are responsible to sit the gallery approximately once every 6 weeks for four hours or hire someone from our list of sitters to sit for you.
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Volunteer to assist in gallery duties (website, maintenance, new members, treasurer, exhibition, secretary, president, mailings, history, publicity, scheduler for sitters, etc.)

New members wait 6 months for a two-person exhibition, or can exhibit SOLO after one year's membership. 

There is 25% commission on art sales.

Questions? Want to screen? 
Contact: Membership Coordinator

Valerie Runningwolf